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General rental conditions


1. Deposit of 50% of the invoice at the latest 14 days after signature of the contract, the remainder of the invoice 1 month before the commencement of the rental period, to the bank account of the mediator announcing your name and contract number or in the manner by mediator indicated.

Mediator is authorised to require a security bond of up to € 100.00

2. Lessor is only bound by this agreement upon receipt of the deposit. The tenant is bound after sending back the agreement signed by both parties.


3. By signing this contract, the lessor is obligated to deliver the leased property to the lessee in a clean and tidy state at the agreed time.

4. Lessor may visit the rented property at all reasonable times or visit prospective tenants. Of course in consultation with the tenant.

5 The lessor may not make any changes in the furniture and upholstery of the rented space after signing this rental contract.

6. The lessor is obliged to conclude a proper fire insurance on his/her costs for the rental with inventory, partly for the benefit of the tenant.


7. The tenant may not transfer the rented property to third parties for rent or use, nor allow more people to spend the night there than agreed under this contract, unless with the written permission of the lessor. If the stated maximum number of people is exceeded, the contract will be considered terminated. There is no refund of the rent.

8. The hirer is obliged to report any established or self-inflicted damage, defect or loss immediately to the intermediary. If, at the end of the rental period, any defects are found, these will be deducted from the deposit, unless the hirer can make it plausible that the damage cannot be attributed to the hirer.
If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the repair costs, the intermediary will contact the hirer with proof of the repairs made in order to pay the remaining amount. From the damage amount the amount paid out under any insurance will be deducted.

9. The tenant is obligated to deliver the rental object broom clean after the rental period expires. Leaving garbage, dirty crockery, dirty barbecue etc. can result in the holding of a part of the security bond.

10. Pets may only be brought with the prior written consent of the lessor.

11. The tenant will only be allowed to use the rented accommodation as a holiday accommodation, and in particular not to practise a profession or business.

12. It is expressly prohibited to use other appliances for boiling or for purposes other than those affixed or placed therein by the lessor in the rental object.

13. Unless otherwise agreed, the tenant must bring their own linen and bedding.

14. The tenant is prohibited from making music or causing noise nuisance to other occupants.


15. The provision of the rental property shall be made by handing over the house key (s).

16. The tenant is deemed to have accepted the leased property with the inventory provided therein, unless the tenant has protested to the lessor within four hours of the rental.

17. Any contribution to the energy costs (gas, electricity, water) by the tenant must be agreed in writing beforehand.

18. Lessor is not liable for theft or damage of property of tenant.


19. Lessor is entitled to consider this contract as dissolved without the need for notice or intervention by the judge and/or arbitrator:

A) If the agreed downpayment is not met on the agreed date;

b) If, at the start of the rental period, the full rental amount is not met;

c) If the tenant omits to move into the rented on the day on which the rental period starts for 18.00 hours, without having written or telephone message, that he/she will move into the rented later during the rental period.

Without prejudice to the tenant's liability for the full rental amount referred to in subparagraphs (a), (b) and (c), the lessor shall be obliged to limit the damage caused in such cases, to seek the object for the time at which the tenant is not involved in renting out to another; The amount received shall be deducted from the amount payable by the tenant, however, of a maximum of € 75.00 due to the administrative costs incurred.

This article shall also apply if the tenant is prevented by personal or other circumstances from making the rented use. Tenant can never claim reimbursement of rented amounts.


20. If one or more of the aforementioned provisions are not met, the lessor or tenant is in default, without the need for notice.

21. In the event of any disputes which may arise between the tenant and the lessor as a result of this tenancy agreement or of any further agreements which could have been made there, the dispute can be submitted to the competent district Court in Leeuwarden.